Powers of Attorney

Peace of mind for you. Clarity for your loved ones.

Powers of Attorney will ensure that someone you trust is empowered to look after your affairs in the manner you wish should you become incapable of doing so.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document granting another person the authority to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf.

There are two types of LPA:

  • Health and welfare
  • Property and financial affairs

You can choose to make one type or both.

A Lasting Power for financial decisions can be used to allow someone to make decisions for you even while you still have mental capacity. These decisions may include buying and selling property, investing money, and paying bills. The benefit of making an LPA while you still have capacity means that should you have mobility difficulties in the future, your attorneys will be able to deal with the affairs that you might not be able to deal with, for example, withdrawing money from your bank account and paying bills, etc.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for health is different because it only comes into effect if you have lost the capacity to make decisions for yourself. It will allow someone you trust to decide where you live, your medical care, what you eat, and what activities you should participate in.

An LPA is only valid if you have not been put under pressure to create it and if you have the mental capacity to understand the implications of the document. In the event that a person has lost mental capacity, we also deal with the Court of Protection and deputyship orders.

Contact us to arrange an appointment to talk about Powers of Attorney and put your mind at rest. Now might also be a good time to ensure that your Will is up to date. To find out more about our Powers of Attorney fees, click here.

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